Linabo 3003 Steps -- It's Worth the Climb!

If you are planning to visit the Linabo 3003 Steps or the Mt. Linabo Park, it is advisable that you start the trek early. The climb is challenging and you could expect to burn a lot of calories once you try to climb the 3,000 steps.

Going to the Linabo 3003 Steps

The Linabo 3003 Steps is quite popular among the locals especially during the Holy Week. You would find hundreds of devotees faithfully climbing the 3,003 steps to commemorate the suffering of Christ. To go to Mt. Linabo Park, you can first get a ride to the drop-off area. It will take you about 15 minutes from the outskirts of Dipolog City to reach the drop-off point. The Many tourists prefer to take the “habal-habal”, a motorbike extended to carry more people. The fare ranges somewhere between 20 to 50 pesos.

From the drop-off point, the hike to the peak will take an hour. Many people start out excited, however, by the time they reached the Fourth Station of the Cross, they’d be drenched in sweat. So, make sure that you are capable of finishing the hike before you go to the Linabo 3003 Steps. Make sure that you are wearing light clothes and the right footwear. Avoid heavy backpacks if possible. You will find a small convenience store at the base of the mountain. Make sure you have food and drinks to take along with you.

It is easy, however, to finish the hike. You will also find benches along the way, so you could always rest whenever you feel like it. You could expect, however, that you would have painful and throbbing legs at the end of the hike.

Climbing the Linabo 3003 Steps

There are 14 stations that you will pass by on the way to the end of the stations. However, the Mt. Linabo 3003 Steps only cover the Stations of the Cross. You will not reach the peak of Mt. Linabo. You will have to go further if you want to reach the top of Mt. Linabo. This will take you through boulders. Of course, there are trails that you can follow. If you intend to hike further than the 3003 steps, it might be a good idea to have friends or companions to go with you. If you want a view of the entire Dipolog City, you should consider pushing further than the 3003 steps. The view at the top is certainly worth the hard work.

If you are planning to visit Dipolog City, you should definitely include the Linabo 3003 Steps in your itinerary. Find some time to climb those steps. The view at the top is worth the climb.