Dipolog Beaches

Dipolog Beaches have become synonymous with Dakak, and vice versa. When looking at a Dipolog map we see a conspicuous and wide bay that curves in to protect a portion of the Dipolog coastline on the north western section of Zamboanga del Norte. This is Dakak.

Dipolog beaches are characterized by glimmering white sand, pristine clear blue waters, and amazing dive sites underneath them. The beaches have a backdrop of lush forest rich in plant and animal life. Wooded areas here are often perfect places for hiking on rugged paths or horse back-riding even up to the very coastlines of the city.

Waters of Dipolog beaches are rich in marine life even at shallow depths so that Dilopog is known for dive sites as well as for its thriving sardine industry. Dapitan Bay is often cited as among the precious Dipolog beaches that lure tourists to this city of Zamboanga del Norte.

Few people stalk the sparkling Dipolog beaches though a lot of them are foreigners. A lot of local tourists have yet to discover the magnificence of these shoreline gems that borders the coastal city of Dipolog at its side touching the vast Sulu Sea.

The Dakak area alone boasts a stretch of 750 meters of white sand Dipolog beach while the Dapitan area, on a different breath, boasts of a gradually sloping beach that makes for safe Dipolog beaches. Then take a breath-taking view of the Sulu Sea from the beach area of Barangay Daro.

We should not miss the mesmerizing Dipolog beaches at the Aliguay and Silinog Islands about 10 kilometers from Tag-Olo Point. To enjoy these precious Dipolog beaches we simply travel by sea on quaint pump boats to the islands.

Among fascinating Dipolog beaches is the Sicayab Beach which is some 7 kilometers in length of pure sugary white sand beachfront where we catch the spectacular horizon scene of a dying sun each late afternoon. A little lengthier are the amazing beach stretches of Galas and Olingan that run 8 kilometers of fascinating soft powdery sand covering each. And they're just 5 kilometers away from Dipolog City proper.

No wonder, DakakBeach , one of the jewel Dipolog beaches the city is proud of, is number 6 in the list of top ten beaches in the country. With enough time and promotion other potential Dipolog beaches may make it to the list, too. After all, Dipolog is a promising beach and dive center in the country, and who knows, soon even in Asia.

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